Proactive Investors: Wingfield Partners speaks to its investment and excitement around West Wits Mining’s assets

Scott Kell speaks to Proactive Investors about Wingfield Partners’ investment in West Wits.

“I had owned Durban Deep stock from my family in the late 90s and knew about the Witwatersrand Basin. Twenty odd years later, I am looking at this mine that was forgotten for nearly two decades … I think it is a very interesting story.”

“The Witwatersrand Basin historically has a JORC of over 12 million ounces of gold, also with a significant amount of uranium. I’m pretty sure that 12 million ounces of gold are worth more than 60 million AUD (low CAPEX).  The WBP is right outside of Jozi and offers job opportunities in an area desperate for work. I love this aspect of it. We believe people will be rewarded by the value the project offers.”

Watch his interview here.