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West Wits is proactively engaged with communities to build strong mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and respect, to ensure the success and sustainability of our business.

Rehabilitation and Infrastructure

One of the key elements has been the rehabilitation of historical mineworks near surface and the removal of access to old mine shafts. This will enable the landowners to extend urban development, including low cost housing and playing fields, delivering a number of community benefits.

Sol Plaatjie Soup Kitchen & Community Development Center

We are building the infrastructure of a local community development center. This includes laying the foundations, installing the toilet block, connecting gas & electricity, converting a sea container into an office block, and more.

This center provides meals to the underprivileged and unemployed in the area, with a focus on the young and elderly.

The center is going to extend its’ program to community development projects once the sea container is converted to an office block, similar to Mandelaville Crisis Centers computer lab.

Sustainability for the community

We have sponsored several local community members seeking employment through a market garden program.

Vegetable Production Project

The project develops skills to not only grow vegetables, but also sell the produce at the bustling Johannesburg market and invest the proceeds back into ongoing projects to create sustainable benefits for the community. Any excess produce is also distributed amongst the disadvantaged in the community.


Engagement in community development

West Wits is engaged with the Mandelaville Crisis Centre, established in 2002 to provide a number of services to combat poverty and is used for a number of community programs.

Computer Center

We have donated three desktop computers to the computer lab, multiplying the number of students that can be taught in a single class by approximately 50% to further the reach of Mandelaville community programs.

The donation has expanded the reach of the programs, increasing class sizes and enabling the resource-starved Crisis Centre to continue to work in partnership with government and its local community to enhance the lives of South Africans.

The center is used for a variety of programs, including:

  • Adult Computer workshops to increase computer literacy of the local community to better enhance the prospect of jobs
  • The Business Development Program which runs for 1 day a week for 12 month, aims to develop participants entrepreneurial skills & techniques to enable them to develop their ideas into job opportunities

Supporting entrepreneurial pursuits

The West Wits senior management team recently donated their collective time and expertise to help build entrepreneurial skills and techniques within the local community. They teamed up to participate in a session of the Mandelaville Crisis Centre’s twelve-month Entrepreneur program which was modelled on the likes of show “Shark Tank”.

The trio acted as the investor panel while participants spent five minutes pitching their business ideas, offering feedback and asking questions at the end of each pitch.

The process offered participants unique insights into how they can develop their ideas into potential business opportunities that could work for both local and international markets.