Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    West Wits invests in individuals and businesses from our local communities through Local Economic Development. Our growing database of wide-ranging skills also enables us to procure and employ from a large pool of local talent. West Wits actively contributes towards the socio-economic development of the areas in which we operate, as well as the areas from which most of the workforce is sourced. We invest in individuals and businesses from local communities through our Local Economic Development Programme (“LED”). We have formed a LED forum in collaboration with the City of Joburg’s elected Ward Councillors and host bi-monthly events with community wards in the vicinity of the mining operation.

    West Wits’ growing database of wide-ranging skills also enables the Company to procure and employ from a large pool of local talent. For our Early Works programme, we procured Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE”) firm, Siyabhowa-Humba JV, to initiate bush clearance and undertake site preparation and potable water supply from Rand Water in Johannesburg.  The WBP’s noise and dust levels are regularly monitored by appointed BEE engineering firm, MWEM (Pty) Ltd.

    West Wits embraces social responsibility and understands that community support is crucial to the success of the WBP. We have submitted a Social and Labour Plan (SLP) to the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. The SLP addresses the Company’s socio-economic development plans in accordance with the MPRDA and MPRDA Regulation 46.

    Tozama Kulati Siwisa, Head of Corporate Affairs elaborates on our initiatives.

    Food parcels provided during the COVID-19 lockdown to the Sol Plaatje, Matholesville and Roodepoort communities.

    Even before the Company obtained its Mining Right for the WBP, we started supporting a homegrown Non-Profit Organisation with an income-generating project by means of a motorbike and monthly donations during the Covid pandemic lockdown. Hlokomelo Motorbike Delivery Service provides a low-cost outsourcing delivery service for medication and groceries to aged and sickly community members. The project is now a fully-fledged business with a self-sustaining revenue stream.

    West Wits provided a scholarship to Takuddwa Chikonye to register at Wits for his studies in BSc Actuarial Science.

    For our 2022 bursary programme, we selected Malaika Mosotho Ramanyimi from Tshiawelo in Soweto. She studies Mining Engineering at the University of Johannesburg.

    The Company selected two young trainees for our Beneficiary Learnership Programme which forms part of the SLP. Both Resego Segwabe and Solly Given Nkuna are from Matholesville in Roodepoort close to the WBP. Resego is studying Fitting and Turning, as she has always been fascinated by machines and wants work in an environment which encourages success and growth. Solly is studying to become a diesel mechanic. He appreciates the high demand for this particular skill in South Africa. Both are completing their courses through the Anglo-American Engineering Skills Training Centre.

    We wish them all the best with their endeavours!