Mt Cecelia Project

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    Mt Cecelia Project, Australia

    Quick overview

    The Mt Cecelia Project is located on the border of the East Pilbara and Paterson Provinces of Western Australia and covers 225km2 of highly prospective ground, strategically located adjacent to tenements held by Rio Tinto Ltd (ASX:RIO).

    West Wits performed a SkyTEM Heliborne Electro-magnetic survey in September 2020. The survey results identified eight target areas with four deemed high priority. A later MLTEM survey program was successfully completed in August 2021 where all four primary SKYTEM anomalies were found to be related to legitimate bedrock related conductors.

    In December 2021, West Wits entered a Farm-In and Joint Venture Term Sheet with Rio Tinto Exploration Pty Limited (“RTX”) to explore West Wits’ Mt Cecelia (E45/5045). RTX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto Limited (ASX:RIO). RTX brings a wealth of technical expertise, resources and regional knowledge which, combined with synergies from their exploration of Mt Cecelia’s neighbouring tenements (that are held 100% by RTX), will enable the Mt Cecelia targets to be rapidly and systematically tested.


    West Wits’ Mt Cecelia Project is located approximately 150km ENE of Marble Bar, 150km NW of Telfer Mine and 120km NNW of Nifty Mine (aerial distance). The region is considered one of Australia’s most prominent addresses for mineral exploration with several joint venture agreements being reached since RIO’s WINU discovery, approximately 70km E of Mt Cecelia, and AIM-listed Greatland Gold’s Haverion Project E of Telfer.

    RIO’s extensive 2018 pegging campaign included ELs covering over 60% of Mt Cecelia’s border with its local interest increased through the $6m farm-in and joint venture agreement with Carawine Resources (ASX:CWX) to explore CWX’s Baton Project which sits on Mt Cecelia’s SE boundary.

    West Wits signed an access deed with RIO Tinto (RIO) in October 2019 and RIO submitted a Program of Works in January 2020 to build tracks on the Mt Cecelia tenement area to access their surrounding ELs. RIO’s activity is an indication of the prospectivity of West Wits’ Mt Cecelia Project and improves the Company’s tenement access with the construction of tracks.

    Mid-tier miner IGO Limited (ASX:IGO), has also demonstrated a strong interest in the region having completed a $15m earn-in agreement with Encounter Resources (ASX:ENR) at ENR’s Yeneena Project. IGO’s interest extends via the execution of a $32m Joint Venture term sheet in June 2020 with Metals X (ASX:MTX) at MTX’s Paterson Exploration Project (PEP), but excludes the historically significant Nifty Mine. Both Yeneena, PEP and Nifty are located to the south of West Wits’ Mt Cecelia Project along the Vines Fault.

    Maiden drilling programme RTX scheduled for October 2022 commencement.