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    +61 3 8692 9049

    Presentations and Interviews

    May 2024

    West Wits’ Investor Presentation for RIU Sydney Resources Round-up from 7 to 9 May 2024

    WWI Corporate Presentation May 2024

    April 2024

    Explorers Podcast: West Wits Mining not far from the Shallows now

    Interview with Barry Fitzgerald

    February 2024

    West Wits’ Investor Presentation for Mining Indaba from 5 to 8 February 2024

    WWI Corporate Presentation February 2024

    October 2023

    West Wits’ Investor Presentation for NWR Communications Triple Pitch Power Lunch on 11 October 2023

    WWI Corporate Presentation October 2023

    August 2023

    West Wits’ Investor Presentation for the Company’s shareholders webinar on 1 August 2023

    WWI Corporate Presentation August 2023

    March 2023

    West Wits’ Investor Presentation for the Company’s participation at the 121 Mining Investment Event in Hong Kong from 29 to 30 March 2023

    WWI Corporate Presentation March 2023

    October 2022

    West Wits’ Investor Webinar 27 October 2022

    WWI Investor Webinar October 2022

    August 2022

    West Wits’ Investor Presentation for the Company’s participation at the Africa Down Under Conference in Perth, Australia, from 31 August to 2 September 2022

    WWI Corporate Presentation August 2022

    May 2022

    West Wits Mining on the next course of action after completion of its feasibility study

    Proactive Investors Interview

    West Wits Presentation 121 London Investment Conference


    West Wits Mining (WWI) – 4Moz Gold Low Capex Re-Start

    Crux Investor Interview

    March 2022

    West Wits Investor Webinar – 15 March


    West Wits Mining (WWI) – Gold Ore Produced, 4Moz Resource


    West Wits Mining (ASX: WWI) – NWR Near Term Producers Conference


    January 2022

    Mining Weekly


    November 2021

    Virtual Gold Conference


    The Market Herald


    October 2021

    Proactive Investors

    https://www.proactiveinvestors.com.au/companies/news/964052/wingfield-partners-speaks-to-its-investment-and-excitement-around- west-wits-mining-s-assets-964052.html

    September 2021

    Spark Plus Metals & Mining


    NWR Resources Series




    Mining Weekly


    Proactive Investors


    Africa Down Under


    August 2021

    Investor Update