Significant enterprise value growth potential

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    +61 3 8692 9049

    Why Invest in Wits West

    “Our WBP has a robust resource with well-understood geology and we are using traditional mining areas in shallow areas with a huge well-known resource. It is a long-life mine – something your grandchildren will inherit.” Michael Quinert, West Wits Chairman

    Significant enterprise value growth potential
    Ownership of two projects in stable jurisdictions with a resilient board and management team
    WBP Scoping Study presents a significant 27-year LOM with a free cash flow potential of USD 511 million at
    USD 1,750 per ounce
    WBP offers a potential growth to over 65 000 ounces per annum with the ambition to increase to 200 000 ounces per annum with Project 200
    WBP surface and underground infrastructure are in place to facilitate rapid production growth
    Mt Cecelia RTX JV & Farm-In up to $10M; up to 80% interest; 800m drilling committed for 2022
    Appointed African focused debt advisors, Taurum International, to secure debt funding
    Official dual-quotation on the OTCQB market (WMWWF), gaining access into the North American and UK investment communities