Significant enterprise value growth potential

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    +61 3 8692 9049

    +61 3 8692 9049

    Why Invest in Wits West

    “Our WBP has a robust resource with well-understood geology and we are using traditional mining areas in shallow areas with a huge well-known resource. It is a long-life mine – something your grandchildren will inherit.” Michael Quinert, West Wits Chairman

    “The team has done a fantastic job to position the company for tremendous growth. The WBP is an exciting asset surrounded by the necessary infrastructure in a well-established province in South Africa. West Wits is set for a significant uplift in value as the team delivers on this vital resource.” Peter O’Malley, West Wits Non-Executive Director

    Qala Shallows robust DFS earmarked to produce 924,000oz
    Qala Shallows steady-state production of 70,000oz p/a
    Scoping Study preliminary trade-off studies confirm opportunity to increase production to 200 000oz Au p/a
    Uranium value enhancement opportunity
    Already produced ore stockpile suitable for nearby plant with toll treatment agreement (Sibanye-Stillwater) 
    Metallurgy program completed & delivered processing flowsheet
    Advanced understanding of geology & project economics
    ESG baseline testing & environmental authority​
    Mine permitting & social license
    Surface & underground infrastructure in place for rapid production growth